Internet Marketing Internships Winter 2013

Type: Telecommuting or Local

The idea behind this internship is to give you a well-rounded experience of real world internet marketing. It's a 90-day experience laden, knowledge packed, marketing adventure - designed to give you the tools to become a marketing director. Here's what you'll learn...


You'll dive into the world of "brand blogging", and discover how to create engaging content that builds trust, brand awareness and internet visitors.


You'll learn every detail about SEO. From the power of the title tag, to the holy grail of link building. The knowledge you'll gain from SEO alone will be enough of a skillset to obtain employment immediately.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You'll find out that most companies are blowing tons of cash by doing Pay-Per-Click advertising all wrong. You'll learn about the fundamentals of proper ad copy and landing page design.

Social Media

Learn how to leverage social media as a tool and not as some mysterious marketing channel that requires "secret tips" to harness. We'll show you that you need to develop a marketing strategy first, and then determine which tools will help you carry out your marketing plan.

How to apply: Simply fill out our contact form here and leave us your phone number as well as a blurb about why you are interested in this internship. Be sure to read our warning before applying.